MaxxChat 1.3.0a

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MaxxChat is a multifunction toolbar which integrates the functionality of many communications products into a single, neat, tidy application which docks at the top of your screen, occupying only a minimum of desktop space.

Some began using Maxx because it integrates IRC with ICQ, AIM, and other Instant Messenger services, showing at a glance when friends are on regardless of the network to which they might be attached. Others started using Maxx because it provides up-to-the-minute news, stock, sports, and weather information. Whilst there are also users who enjoy it for its abilities as a streaming media product, providing on-demand news, sports, finance, technology, human interest and music video footage.

Maxx's initial attraction, in the simplest of terms, might well be any of the above. Once you begin to actually use Maxx, however, you're likely to find your interests aren't nearly as limited as you might initially have believed. The array of services Maxx offers in a single product is quite vast when compared to other such products.

To put it simply, you would have to have AIM, ICQ, an IRC client, a Video telephony product, Windows Media Player, a web browser, a news service ticker, and Winamp all running on your machine at the same time to provide the same level of functionality which Maxx provides.

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MaxxChat 1.3.0a

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